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official band releases
454 - Anno Bastardi Domini (2009)     Manifesta Superbia (2005)
  1. Pro Patria Mori
  2. 454
  3. Revenge in Blood
  4. Imprisoned in Defeat
  5. Bloody Dawn
  6. Legio X
  7. As One With Them
  8. Nothing But a Cross
  1. Intro
  2. Supernova Experience
  3. Mars Ultor
  4. Odium
  5. Glorification of the Past
  6. Benighted Kingdom
  7. Legio Noctifer
  8. Fuck-Totum (Archetype of the Last Tyrant)
  manifesta superbia
Produced by Legionaria. Released: November 2009.

Produced by DeadSun Records. Released: August 2005.

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Odiosa Vis Astrorum (2002)

    Hymns of Sorrow and Darkness (1997)
odiosa vis astrorum  
  1. Total Chaotic Emptiness
  2. White War
  3. Universal Hateful Influence
  4. Battle in the Fog
  1. Thy Empire Falls
  2. Hate Perennial

MCD. Produced by: Noctifer. Released: April 2002.


Self Produced Promo-CD

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Hymns of Sorrow and Darkness (1997)  
hymns of sorrow and darkness  
  1. Intro / Inside a Tear
  2. Yog Sothoth
  3. My Lord of Silence
  4. Inner God / Apud Inferos (Outro)

Self produced first Demo Tape. The band released it with the name "Der Nacht"

other releases
wargod domination  


  • Oltre la Morte (Intro)
  • Wargod Domination
  • Knights of the Wartorch Attack
  • Blackfuhrers Moon
  • No Surrender
  • Oltre la Morte (Outro)


  • Victory, Supreme Judge
  • Ferro Ignique
  • Glorification of the Past
  • Legio Noctifer
  1. Intro
  2. Supernova Experience
  3. White War
  4. Odium
  5. Fuck Totum
  6. Mars Ultor
  7. Legio Noctifer
  8. Thy Empire Falls
  9. Glorification of the Past
  10. Universal Hateful Influence
  11. Ferro Ignique
  bellicum praeconium

2007 - Baphomet Records / RedStream Inc.

DVD. Recorded Live 24/04/2006.

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A Sixth Sense of Darkness (2006)     BURZUM: A man, a band, a symbol.
a sixth sense of darkness  
  • Ferro Ignique
  • FuckTotum - Archetype of the Last Tyrant
Featuring: Teuta, Malvento, Waffen SS, Masche, A Forest, Gosforth, Pagan Warrior 88, Noctifer, Imago Mortis, Oraculum and Sinfonica Notte.
  • Inn I Slottet Fra Droemmen
  burzum tribute

Featuring: Bloodshed Nihil, Vord, Arkha Sva, Noctifer, Wrath and Impious Havoc.

Total Undergound Burzum Tribute. Released in only 500 hand numbered CD-R.

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